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SK Sato Cat.No.7910-50 - Digital Wind Speed and Direction Indicator with Alarm
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30 Jan 2020
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SK Sato Cat.No.7910-50 - Digital Wind Speed and Direction Indicator with Alarm


SK Sato Cat.No.7910-50 - Digital Wind Speed and Direction Indicator with Alarm


Model : WVAT6D0-3-00

This digital indicator with alarm that inputs the signals from No. 7910-00 wind speed and wind direction sensor displays instantaneous and mean values of wind speed in digital and indictes wind direction in 16 Azimuth with LEDs.

The alarm value that is output from the indicator can be arbitrarily set and are transmitted to a warning lump and buzzer.  Furthermore, it is available to add analog output and digital output (RS-422) at option as a external output.


Brushless potentionmeter for wind direction and optical pulse for wind speed are adopted in the sensor
Wind direction is indicated with LED (16 azimuth) and wind speed (instantaneous and mean) is indicated with digital figures.
Three alarm outputs (alarm No. 1, 2 adn 3)  are provided.   When the values reach the thresholds, it operates alarm with relay contact, warning lump and buzzer sound.




Applicable indicator

No.7910-50 Wind speed and direction indicator with alarm function (WVAT6D0-3-00)

Detection method

Wind direction: counter balanced tail: brushless potentiometer: 0 to 360°
Wind speed: Propeller: photoelectric pulse type

Measuring range

Wind direction: 0 to 360°
Wind speed: 2 to 90m/s


Wind direction: ±5°
Wind speed: ±0.5m/s (at less than 10m/s)  ±5%FS (at more than 10m/s)

Starting wind speed


Withstand wind speed

108m/s (wind tunnel)

Output signal

Wind direction: 0 to 360°/0 to 1VDC (built-in transmitter)
Wind speed: pulse output (60 pulse per one rotation of propeller)

Power requirements

12VDC±2V (supplies from indicator)

Operation ambient

-20 to 50°C (without freeze on rotor)

Remote distance

Within approx. 300m in use of CVVS 1.25mm2  cable

Output connecter

NJW-207-PF10  cord dia.:Ø8.6 to 10.5mm


Tail: carbon + polyester resin
Propeller & body: polycarbonate resin

Outer dimensions

approx. Ø250mm (propeller) × (H)660×(D)510mm


3-Ø12.4×14.9mm (long hole) in a circle with Ø125mm 


approx. 3kg

No.7910-50 Wind speed and wind direction indicator with alarm function (WVAT6D0-3-00)

Applicable sensors

No.7910-00 Wind speed and direction sensor (W639-ED1)

Input signal

Wind direction: 0 to 360°/0 to 1VDC
Wind speed: pulse output  (60 pulses per one propeller rotation)


Wind direction: red LED 16 pcs. (16 azimuth)
Wind speed: red 7 segments LED 4 digits, height of character (upper and lower): 14.2mm

Display elements

Wind direction: instantaneous or mean value (average of 10 minutes): changed by a buttom setting
Wind speed: instantaneous value and mean value (average of 10 minutes)

Display range

Wind direction: 0 to 360° (16 azimuth)
Wind speed: 0.00 to 99.9m/s

Sampling interval

approx. 1 sec. (lighting hold time)

Alarm (wind direction)

Instantaneous or mean, Alarm setting range: two sections in 0 to 359°

Alarm (wind speed)

Instantaneous or mean,  alarm setting range: 5 to 90m/s (Mutual setting in alarm 1, alarm 2 and alarm 3)

Alarm output (wind direction)

  • No voltage make contact , Contact capacity: 24VDC, 1A (resistance load) * the signal of the alarm contact is output from alarm 3
  • LEDs of 16 azimuth: LED blinks to indicate the alarm setting section

(Wind speed- alarm 1)

  • No voltage make contact:  contact capacity:24VCD, 1A (resistance load)
  • Green LED (slow blinks)
  • Buzzer (long intermittent sound)

(Wind speed-alarm 2)

  • No voltage make contact   Contact capacity: 24VDC 1A (resistance load)
  • Yellow LED blinks (fast blinks)
  • Buzzer sound (short intermittent sound)

(Wind speed-alarm 3)

  • No voltage make contact  Contact capacity 24VDC, 1A (resistance load)
  • Red LED blinks (continuous blinks)
  • Buzzer sound (continuous sound)

* If the alarm sound in wind direction is set, the alarm 3 is not usable for wind speed

Alarm reset

  • When contact output and wind speed value of LED display are smaller than the value of the alarm setting / the value of wind direction is out of the range to be set.
  • Buzzer sound (continuous sound): by the key operation of the front panel

Operation ambient

0 to 50°C, less than 90%rh (no condensing)

Remote distance

approx. 300m max.  (in use of  CVVS 1.25mm2   cable)     


Steel plate,  desk top type (rubber foot, tilting stand)

Power requirements

100VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, approx. 20VA




approx. 3.5kg




Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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