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SK SATO Cat.No.7270-55 R.M. Anemometer Wind Direction and Wind Speed Sensor (encorder type) JMA certified
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04 Feb 2020
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SK SATO Cat.No.7270-55 R.M. Anemometer Wind Direction and Wind Speed Sensor (encorder type) JMA certified

R.M.Young anemometer is composed of wind direction and wind speed sensor so-called "Wind Monitor" and wind direction and wind speed display "Wind Tracker". "Wind Monitor" is originally developed for weather buoy, which is corrosive-resistant, erosion-resistant, durable. Also it is small-sized, lightweight comare to existing model, which makes easier to mount, un-mount, maintain. "Wind Tracker" displays wind speed with 3 digits, wind direction with dotted LED of 36 directions. One unit of sensor can be connected with upto 16 units of displays "Wind Tracker" in tandem. We, SATO KEIRYOKI MFG CO., LTD. own the same testing tools as of R.M.Young company, which enable us to provide support after sales perfectly.  


Sensor is corrosive-resistant, small-sized, and lightweight 
Use of plastic such as ABS resin, polypropylene for most of components (such as main unit, propeller) of "Wind Monitor" makes this device to be corrosive-resistant, small-sized, and lightweight.   
The best feature of R.M.Young Sensor 
With the high stability of tail unit and small inertia force of main body, it makes the sensor to be highly capable of tracking and damping to the wind direction   
With the high torque and small inertia of propeller,  it makes the sensor to be highly capable of tracking the change of the wind speed.  
Wind speed is measured by non-contact frequency output method
Wind speed is measured by the spinning permanent-magnet on the propeller shaft generates sine wave onto fixed coil, which is simple architecture and also highly durable.    
Easy to mount and un-mount the sensor     
Wind monitor is mounted just by fixing it with band clump on a pole with outside diameter 34mm(1.34 in).    
With the orientation ring which comes as an accessory, the wind monitor can be mounted or un-mounted without worrying about re-adjustment of direction during maintenance.       
Wind tracker with wide variety of display     
LED dot display on the center shows the current wind direction with red, orbit of wind direction with green simultaneously.   
Also, digital display on the left shows the instantaneous wind velocity or average wind velocity. The digital display on the right shows the maximum instantaneous wind speed or the instantaneous wind direction, average wind direction. Those make easier to figure out the transition of wind direction and speed.     


Wind direction and speed display(Wind tracker)
Input connectionConnect wind direction and speed sensor directly
Connect tracker(display) in tandem
(One sensor have multiple displays indicate values with RS485 signal)
DisplayWind directions(36 directions, LED dot display)
Select instantaneous, average wind direction
Wind speed(3 digits, digital display)¡¡
Select instantaneous, average, maximum wind speed
Analog outputInstanteneous wind direction: 0 to 5 VDC/0 to 540°
Instanteneous wind speed: 0 to 5 VDC/0 to 100 m/s
Alarm outputZero voltage contact output NORMAL OPEN(AC250V, DC30V.2A)
Alarm sound(activated when alarm state)
Alarm LED(blink when alarm state)
Ambient temperature and humidityTemperature: 0 to 50C
Humidity: 0 to 95%rh(Indoor specifications)
Power requirementAC adaptor Max power consumption 4.5W
Dimensions and weight(W)144×(H)144×(D)36mm 450g
Wind direction and speed sensor(Wind monitor)
 encorder type
Wind direction converterElectrically effective degree angle (0 to 360°)
Wind direction outputDigital signal(RS485)/0 to 360° or
Analog signal(0 to 5 VDC)/0 to 540°
Wind speed outputDigital signal(RS485)/0 to 50m/sec or
Analog signal(0 to 2.5 VDC)/0 to 50m/sec
Starting threshold1m/sec
Withstanding wind speed70m/sec
Accuracy(wind direction)±5°
Accuracy(wind speed)Accuracy is less than 0.5m/s when wind speed is less than 10 m/s.
Accuracy is less than 5% of indicated value when wind speed is more than 10 m/s.
Maximum distance between sensor and displayabout 100m
(20 m cable comes as a standard accessory)
Cablefive-core, shielded cable
Shape of propellerscrew propeller with 4 wings, diameter 180mm
Rotation radius, weight380mm, about 1 kg
MaterialsMain body and tail: ABS resin
Propeller(compatible): polypropylene
Japan Meteorological Agency certificationAvailable (JMA certified one is available for stock item too)
FeaturesSignals described above are output directly from the sensor. It can be directly connected to a recorder. In factory settings, output is configured with digital signal.

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