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SK SATO Cat.No. 8311-00 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-160GT
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30 Jan 2020
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SK SATO Cat.No. 8311-00 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-160GT

This instrument is indoor use only.

The wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index integrates the three factors of air temperature, humidity and radiation heat, each of which greatly affects the heat balance of the human body. The index is normally obtained using the dry, wet and black bulb temperature measurement values.

Measurement of wet or black bulb temperature requires considerable expertise, and the equipment handling and location are limited.

The unit calculates the WBGT index by using the measured temperature and humidity, in accordance with the "Guidelines to prevent heat disorder in daily life" of the Japanese Society of Biometeorology.

The WBGT index is low when the air temperature and humidity are low, while it is high when the air temperature and humidity are high.

The risk of heatstroke increases with the WBGT index. Thus, the determined WBGT index can be used as a guideline for preventing heatstroke.

Source: "Guidelines to prevent heat disorder in daily life" of the Japanese Society of Biometeorology

[Guideline for preventing heatstroke in daily life]

WBGT Index
Risk of occurrence in relation to physical activity
Danger (31°C or higher)
Risk during any physical activity
Risk of occurrence is high in the elderly, even in the resting state. Avoid going out and stay in a cool room
Severe warning (28 to 31°C)
Avoid direct sunlight outdoors and watch for any rise in room temperature indoors
Warning (25 to 28°C)
Risk during moderate to vigorous physical activity
Regularly take adequate rest when exercising or doing vigorous work.
Caution (25°C or lower)
Risk during very vigorous physical
Basically low in risk, but high in risk when doing vigorous exercise or heavy labor

ProductWBGT Heat Stress Monitor
Cat. No.8311-00
Measuring rangeWBGT Index0 to 50 °C (calculated)
Temperature0.0 to 50.0°C
Humidity20.0 to 95.0%rh
AccuracyTemperature±1.0°C (10 to 40°C) ±1.5°C (at other range)
Humidity±5%rh (40 to 70%rh at 20 to 30°C) ±8%rh (at other range)
ResolutionWBGT Index1°C
Samplingapprox. 30 sec.
sensing elementsTemperatureThermistor
HumidityHigh polymer resistance change type
Alarm setting rangeAvailable to set by 1°C step in the range of WBGT Index (0 to 50°C)
ClockAtomic clock (40kHz/60kHz Automatic reception) 12/24 hours display
Clock accuracy±1 sec.: when the tine calculation signals is receiving
±45 sec. per month: without the time calculation signals
Operation ambient0 to 50°C,less than 95%rh (no condensing)
Storage ambient0 to 50°C (no condensing)
Power requirementAA size battery x 3 pcs. (4.5V)
Battery lifeApprox. one year (use of alkali batteries, alarm is used once a day, without manual reception of clock)
Materials (body)ABS resin, acryl resin
Dimensionsapprox. (W)225 x (H)165 x (D)25mm
Weightapprox. 500g (includes batteries)
AccessoriesAA manganese battery (R6P) 3 pcs. For monitoring purpose Instruction manual
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