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 Koehler Kinematic Viscosity Accessories
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28 Jan 2020
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Spesifikasi Koehler Kinematic Viscosity Accessories

Alat Laboratorium Umum

Viscometer Holders

• For use with glass capillary viscometers

Viscometer TypeRound Holder Catalog No.
Cannon®-Fenske Routine
Cannon®-Fenske Opaque
Cannon®-Manning Semi-Micro
Cannon®-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro
(Also - Dilution and Semi-Micro Dilution types)
BS/IP/RF U-TubeK23387
Cannon®-Manning Vacuum
Asphalt Institute
Modified KoppersK23363


High Temperature Viscometer Holders

• For use with HKV baths for temperature up to 232°C (450°F)

Cannon®-Fenske Routine
Cannon®-Fenske Opaque
Cannon®-Manning Semi-Micro


Universal Tube Holders

Can be used interchangeably with Cannon®-Fenske, Cannon®-Manning, Cross-Arm and Ubbelohde type capillary viscometers. Choice of round (2" dia.) plastic holders or rectangular metal holders.

K23351Universal Viscometer Holder, Round
K23350Universal Viscometer Holder, Rectangular


Digital Stopwatch

• Accurate to 0.0003%

• Calibration certificate traceable to NIST

Solid-state LCD digital stopwatch with a full range of features, including single action timing, cumulative split, interval split and more. Housed in a rugged high impact case with 40" (102cm) lanyard. Supplied with 4-year battery and calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

K23462Digital Stopwatch


Bath Oil

• White mineral oil for routine applications

• Silicone fluid for high temperature applications

White Mineral Oil–Highly refined white technical oil for use in constant temperature baths. Contains an oxidation inhibitor to limit clouding at higher temperatures. Suitable for use at temperatures of up to 230°F (110°C).
Silicone Fluid–Clear heat transfer fluid with high oxidation resistance and low volatility. Recommended for constant temperature bath applications above 240°F (116°C).

SpecificationsWhite Mineral OilSilicone Fluid
Nominal Viscosity14.2-17.0 cSt @ 40°C100 cSt @ 25°C
Minimum Flash Point248°F (120°C)392°F (200°C)
Specific Gravity @ 25°C0.839-0.8550.964
Shipped in 1 gal (3.785L) or 5 gal (18.925L) containers


355-001-001White Mineral Oil1 Gallon Container
355-001-003White Mineral Oil5 Gallon Container
355-001-002Silicone Heat Transfer Fluid1 Gallon Container
355-001-004Silicone Heat Transfer Fluid5 Gallon Container


Vacuum Manifold

Designed for use with Koehler capillary-type viscometer tube baths and vacuum regulator. Manifold includes seven position valves and tubing for applying vacuum or pressure as per ASTM D2171.

K23467Vacuum Manifold


Vacuum Regulator

For ASTM D2171, “Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometers.” Precisely controls vacuum from 28 to 411 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure to an accuracy of ±0.5 mm Hg. Recommended for use with Cannon®-Manning, Asphalt Institute or Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers. All solid-state—contains no mercury. Amount of vacuum is shown on digital display. Ten different units of vacuum measurement may be selected through keypad on the meter.

K23463Vacuum Regulator (vertical orientation)115V 60Hz
K23464Vacuum Regulator (vertical orientation)220-240V 50/60Hz
K23465Vacuum Regulator (horizontal orientation)115V 60Hz
K23466Vacuum Regulator (horizontal orientation)220-240V 50/60Hz


Kinematic Viscosity Thermometers

Catalog No.

ThermometerTest Temp.Test Temp.IP Reference
250-000-74FASTM 74F–65°F69F
250-000-74CASTM 74C–53.9°C69C
250-000-43FASTM 43F–61 to –29°F65F
250-000-43CASTM 43C–51 to –34°C65C
250-000-73FASTM 73F–40°F68F
250-000-73CASTM 73C–40°C68C
250-000-126FASTM 126F–15°F71F
250-000-126CASTM 126C–26°C71C
250-000-127CASTM 127C–20°C99C
250-000-72FASTM 72F0°F67F
250-000-72CASTM 72C–17.8°C67C
250-000-128FASTM 128F32°F33F
250-000-128CASTM 128C0°C33C
250-000-44FASTM 44F68°F29F
250-000-44CASTM 44C20°C29C
250-000-45FASTM 45F77°F30F
250-000-45CASTM 45C25°C30C
250-000-118FASTM 118F86°F
250-000-118CASTM 118C30°C
250-000-28FASTM 28F100°F31F
250-000-28CASTM 28C37.8°C31C
250-000-120CASTM 120C40°C92C
250-000-46FASTM 46F122°F66F
250-000-46CASTM 46C50°C66C
250-000-29FASTM 29F130°F 
250-000-29CASTM 29C54.4°C34C
250-000-47FASTM 47F140°F35F
250-000-47CASTM 47C60°C35C
250-000-48FASTM 48F180°F90F
250-000-48CASTM 48C82.2°C90C
250-000-129FASTM 129F200°F36F
250-000-129CASTM 129C93.3°C36C
250-000-30FASTM 30F210°F32F
250-000-121CASTM 121C100°C32C
250-000-110FASTM 11OF275°F
250-000-110CASTM 110C135°C93C

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